House Rules

This is a compilation of house rules, primarily the Big ones. For an individual PrC, or rule reference visit the Rulebooks page where I will specifically cover each chapter, section etc. This is for big stuff.

Class Changes
Monk: May now wear light armor with their abilities.

Paladin/ Antipaladin: They are permitted to be a variety of different of different alignments based upon their deity. They have to be the the same alignment as their god. Paladin’s are always good, anti paladins are always evil and paladins of neutral deities get to choose at character creation.

Ranger: Rangers now receive their animal companion as a druid using the druid progression instead.

Summoner: Moderate changes to how some evolutions work. So for balance reasons weapon proficiency must be taken for each set of arms. Additionally each size increase retroactively increases the cost of any ability that provides and additional attack past 3 by 1 per category. IE bite for huge size would cost 3, for large size it would be 2, for medium the listed 1. Or if you have 5 attacks and increase to large size the cost to go to large size increases by 2, or if you go to huge it would increase by 4. This is to make up for their severe imbalance compared to combat classes. (overall to achieve huge size and get 7 attacks it will cost a total of 28 evolution points for 2 claws and 5 bites plus huge size)

Warlock: So a couple of improvements skill points go form 2+int to 4+int, Eldritch blast equivalent gets Cha to damage, also the 3.5 Invocations are selectable as the options for the school abilities with restrictions to when you can take them by the complete arcane book. Modifications to invocations may be made. Finally at 20th level they gain the 1/2 fiendish or 1/2 celestial template.

Racial Changes
Fey: gain a seasonal affinity, during a season appropriate to their affinity (normally chosen by the type of fey they are) they are noticeably more powerful, where as during their polar opposite season they are subsequently weaker. This does not affect mechanics for PC’s only full blooded Fey.

Feat, and Spell Changes
Agile Enchantment: Can now be applied to ranged weapons.

Combat Maneuvers: attempting a combat maneuver without the feat no longer provokes an attack of opportunity as long as the weapon lists it as a feature instead of adding a bonus to CMB. Now the feats: Improved disarm, Improved Trip, Improved Knocked Down, etc… are for not having an attack of opportunity made against you if you aren’t using a weapon with that feature and any other listed bonus. Example without the feat improved trip: a whip has disarm and trip you may now perform these maneuvers without provoking an attack of opportunity with the whip but receive no bonuses to your CMB. However if you attempted these maneuvers with a greatsword you would still provoke an attack. Example with the feat improved trip: Because the Whip has trip and disarm and you have the feat the prevents attack of opportunity you get a total of a plus 4 bonus 2 from the weapon and 2 from the feat as well as no attacks of opportunity. If you attempt a trip with a greatsword however it lacks the trip property but the feat prevents attacks of opportunity and provides a 2 bonus.

Fast Eldritch Blast: Preqs: 8th level: 3+CHA modifier times per day a warlock may use a standard non modified eldritch blast as part of a full attack.

Psionics: They will be run using the 3.5 rules called similar to magic. Meaning that antimagic and anti psionic are the same thing. Dispel works on both but if a magic user dispels psionics they get -3 to their caster level and vice versa. Additionally psionics and magic are able to counter spell each other at the -3 penalty once again and only with dispel. Additionally psionic classes will be built using the 3rd party book by dreamscarred press.

Resurrection magic- raise dead, resurrection, the use of wish or miracle to bring someone back to life, and any form of magic that brings a person back as themself. It has an unfortunate side effect of aging the caster by 1 whole year each casting. While this might not seem like a terribly high price it definitely, changes a casters perspective on things. On elves it ages them 10 years, the amount is variable based upon how quickly their species ages. The gods take part of your life force to replace what you are removing from them. Individuals immune to aging and undead are completely unable to cast these spells.

Sacred Geometry: If you don’t know what it is don’t worry about it. If you do know what it is then the answer is no.

Weapon Focus/ Weapon Specialization: This is a waste of a feat that we only take because we absolutely have to for other cooler things +1 to hit is negligible and spending a whole feat on it is a joke. So instead of just choosing one weapon you may now pick from the fighter weapon training list for your focus and it will ad +1 to hit with any weapon on the list. Additionally it will automatically add in the benefits of weapon specialization for +2 damage with those weapons. So we effectively cut 2 meh feats down to one decent feat that is actually maybe worth taking. Here is a link

Mechanical Rules Changes
Tremor Sense, blind sight, and other automatic detect abilities do not work against actively sneaking creatures. They negate invisibility bonuses, and any visual bonuses to sneak, but not the basic ability to sneak. They add a +4 circumstance bonus to perception.

All animal companions are limited to the same number of maximum attacks listed under the Eidolon max attack entry for their equivalent level.

Mythic Changes
So this book, pretty much got it’s own section because I am super critical of alot of the things presented in this book, not because I don’t like them but because it makes the game super high powered in almost no time. This section will be updated as new issues arise and concerns are mentioned.

All character’s and NPC’s will have a mythic flaw. Exposing that flaw will often be part of the story arch as a big bad evil guy becomes apparent.

The Handbooks
This is a list of the handbooks, not house rules per se, but a place I can post links to some of the most amazing content that allow a collection of rules to make anything possible. Please note between pathfinder, rules modifications, and house rules these guides may not work 100% but it’s a good place to start. Also most of the handbooks list 3.5 material so Pathfinder info may not be included.

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House Rules

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