Welcome to the Age of Myth.

When I first started as a young dungeon master I was told that you don’t tell the story. The players tell it. This is their eulogy, their deus ex machina, their story. My job is to give them a canvas to paint it, give them a scenario to start with, and let them do the rest. That is my goal.

In the age of myth nothing is ever black and white, everyone has motivation or goals and everyone has their own version of a price. Even the other players are a risk given the right circumstances but what you achieve together will be greater then what any of you could achieve alone.

In many ages past the gods shaped the paragons granting them part of their power and their souls so they could do great works and commit acts to bless the world. It is long since that time now the gods do not speak to us, and only the most holy can hear their voices. However now in the current age a spark has awoken in the souls of those destined for greatness; this spark could turn into a great conflagration to change the world forever, or the light could die out and the world could be cast into darkness. That decision will be made by you.

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The Age of Myth