Rulebooks not listed have yet to have been examined and are subject to change or modification as necessary. Pathfinder will be modified the least, 3.5 will be pick and choose, 3.0 will be heavily modified and very rarely selected.

Note: So as a whole what I’m trying to do while dissecting these books is look for disambiguity, inconsistency, and loop holes. Sure it’s nice to play the min-maxing power gamer sometimes it is for this reason kill games will be hosted, and why the monster game exists so you can play those super power gamed min maxed to hell power houses but if one player is constantly and continuously outshining every other player and some one isn’t having fun then I have a problem with it. That said anything that I do with an NPC is doable as a PC but that goes both ways. If you want to have a dragon as a familiar know that at least one NPC will also have the same ability.

Pathfinder Rule Books
Beastiary 1-4: Not much player material in these books but they are as a whole a pretty good source of ideas. Anything that is different for my campaign will generally be somewhere on the wiki.

Core Rule Book: This kind of is our bread and butter. That said there are some minor balance issues primarily addressed in the House Rules section.

Monster Codex: While this book contains relatively little rules material and very little player related content it can be a great source of idea’s for monstrous races and if a feat, trait, or item is presented in it I’d happily consider allowing it in game play.

Mythic Adventures: This book is under the largest amount of scrutiny as far as pathfinder material goes, the largest number of house rules will be from this book. Also mythic levels will be exceedingly rare and there is no guarantee that the party will achieve all 10 of these levels. Anything gained from this book must be carefully scrutinized and considered. This isn’t because I don’t trust my players (not saying I do JK) but it’s because the power levels this book can rocket people to are so much higher then anything else presented in any of the other books. That said pretty much ignoring everything this book says about immortality, hard to kill, and regaining uses per day. Also every player must choose a mythic weakness, if another type of weakness not presented in the book interests you then let me know and I will put it under consideration. That said the other modifications and changes are listed in the House Rules section.

Ultimate Combat: This is the book that will be used for organizing, running, and operating a business, it’s also the rules for kingdom’s, downtime, and armies. I generally don’t feel that our group needs help with a background generator but if you want that assistance it is there.

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

Dungeons and Dragons 3.0
Epic Level Handbook: This book, and nothing in it are permitted for PC characters, while some of the content may be partially used as a plot device, if it is called for or is most appropriate for the story. That said npc’s who possess anything out of this book will possess them for story purposes only.

3rd Party, Web Enhancements, and Dragon Magazines
Book of Erotic Fantasy: No, especially not the Metaphysical spell shaper. Nothing in this book is permitted rules wise, Conceptually Things may be permitted on a case by case basis but the actually rulings in this book are broken in the unbalanced and not so good ways.

Dragon Compendium Vol. 1: Despite being a pazio published book this is not pathfinder material and is just a composite of the dragon magazines, and dungeon magazines. This will have to be a case by case basis.

Kalamar Campaign series: Nope, they way overpowered everything in these books they don’t hold a whole lot of unique content either. They have been given the axe.

War Mage of Krynn: No. After much thought and careful consideration I have determined that it isn’t balanced.

Modules, Adeventure Paths, and Story Archs
Age of Worm’s: (AP) Intended as a story arch this is presented in dungeon magazines.

Carrion Crown: (AP)

Council of Thieves: (AP)

Crypt of the Everflame: (Mod)

Curse of the Crimson Throne: (AP)

Demonweb Pits: (Mod)

Dragon Mountain: (Mod)

Emerald Spire Super Dungeon: (Mod) This amazing dungeon is intended to be done as a piece of a larger plot involving the same characters, area of the world, and other things.

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks: (Mod)

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: (Mod)

Expedition to the ruins of castle Greyhawk: (Mod)

Giant Slayer: (AP)

Hell’s Rebels: (AP)

Iron Gods: (AP)

Jade Regent: (AP)

Kingmaker: (AP)

Legacy of Fire: (AP)

Mummy’s Mask: (AP)

Rappan Athuk: (AP)

Reign of Winter: (AP)

Rise of the Runelords: (AP) This is the first adventure path that we’ll be running with some modifications. While I discourage players from reading the book itself I do encourage players to read over the players, which I will link to them.

Savage Tide: (AP) presented in dragon magazine’s this is an intended story arch.

Second Darkness: (AP)

Serpent’s Skull: (AP)

Shackled City: (AP)

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands: (Mod)

Shattered Star: (AP)

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh: (Mod)

Skull and Shackles: (AP)

Temple of Elemental Evil: (Mod)

Tomb of Horrors: (Mod)

White Plume Mountain: (Mod)

Wrath of the Righteous: (AP)


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