These are the prominent NPC’s there may be some overlap from the PC section if a character still survives, or has been retired.

Note NPC’s that are built as Gestalt level 20 characters are ultimate NPCs these are the end bosses of a campaign. This is their Apex. Should they be encounter at an earlier point their level will be adjusted appropriately according to a chart I have constructed for each NPC.

Lesser NPC’s do not have a mythweavers page linked and only list their appropriate class level normally between 8 and 17. Some of them may have mythic levels but not many.

So the DC to know an NPC name is 30-Fame, for basic details adds 15 to the DC, for advanced information its +30, for anything more complicated it varies based upon the secrecy of it. However the full character sheet will always be OOC, the only reason the sheets are listed is to help PC’s with views suggestions and ways to make a stronger concept. Notoriety functions the same as fame but bad.

Status, Alignment, Name, Fame or Notoriety
Biography: from the character view point
fully leveled Mythweavers page

Alive, N, Ammon, Fame 30.
Biography: I used to be an adventurer, but I retired fromt that years ago so I could act as an advisor for the younger generations of heroes and pathfinders. While I’ve taken a more political role for the last 30 years or so I still pride myself on staying active with the local chapter house. But Old age and time have taken most of my adventurous spirit, I will help how I can. Though honestly my children have retired from their pathfinder years and a few of my grandchildren have as well. I’m just shocked that I still have my wits after all this time.
Artificer 20// Archivist 8/ Loremaster 10/ Contemplative 2

Alive, LE, Azad Paragon, Fame 15.
Biography: I am matriarch to the eldest bloodline in dwarven society. Much rides upon or decisions and many seek to usurp our power. I myself only took over from my late father recently due to his ailing health. Instead of resorting to more subversive method or crude ones he succeeded power to me on his own accord. Now I will get another paragon into our bloodline.
Rogue 6/ Assassin 10

Alive, LG, Miresta Bellenar, Fame 20
Biography: What is one person compared to the history of a race? The survival of a civilization. Each and every one of us has a part to play in the greater pic

Alive?, NE, Nicodemus, Infamy 0
Biography: The First Fallen Angel occasionally referenced in obscure religious texts, occasionally even worshipped by evil spell casters who seek to defy the gods.



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