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Quick Facts and General Information
OOC- Out of Character, this means that it isn’t player knowledge
Bold Is a title and is generally considered OOC
IC means in character, when I have an IC segment then a link to the author will be present.

Game Info
Alright so the rundown of play is straight forward, game will be hosted on Character sheets will be recorded on Myth weavers (This is so that you can easily get community and peer reviews also a huge group of suggestions) the wiki is obviously here on Obsidian portal. Prior to each game a synopsis of what occurred last game will be posted in the adventurer log and a gist of what is occurring next and the game date as well. Downtimes are to be filled out using the downtime tracking sheet found here.

Any additional pathfinder sheets can also be found and downloaded here.

Story info
So as the story goes, you all are heroes from Golarion. Most of the adventuring will occur in that area of the world.

Here are some links to get you started for places you may want to look for information:
Main Page
The Retired Dead or Ascended PC’s,
The Active NPC’s,
The World,
Organizations and Governments,
Rules Books (This is more of an examination of the rules books what is and isn’t allowed),
House Rules,
Character Creation Steps,

I also want to add in that I am not entirely responsible for making all of the content I use. I am excessively grateful to those who have made this possible including Pazio, Wizards of the Coast, and Darthsunshine. Thier content and art work have been of great help and inspiration allowing this campaign to reach fruition and I in no way seek credit for their works. I also need to mention a special thanks to the people on the pathfinder forum, and especially Giant in the Playground their forums have supplied much information, balance, and ideas to help me.

Main Page

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