So this is a link to all of the major historical events from the game (some of which will occur due to the PC’s)

Quick Overview
The Primordial Age An unknown time ago.
The primordial age was a time of utter darkness supposedly before the gods. It was the beginning of all things. Even the most powerful of magics do not reach far enough back to gain more then a limited understanding.

The First An unknown time ago
These where the gods first creations. They betrayed the gods due to their punishment over their own greed. Heaven closed its gates to us and when they did demons came.

Dark Times An unknown time ago
The war between the almost godlike First, and demon kind. It almost resulted in our extinction but we barely survived by sacrificing our progenitors we gained freedom.

The Age of Paragons More then 13,000 years ago.
The beginning of recorded time. This is when the very first of our ancient ruins come from, our writing, and the beginning of our culture.

Fate’s Weave Between about 7 and 13 thousand years ago.
The high lord reopened the heavens to us speaking once more to us through lesser deities chosen from our own people. This time resulted in the Legends of Fate a text detailing all of the future of every race that ended when the prophets who protected it destroyed it to keep it out of misunderstanding hands. With its destruction the heavens closed their gates once more and have been silent since.

Age of Magic It ended some 3700 years ago and went back 7000 years.
Following the amazing capabilities and power of Legends of Fate these where the kingdoms who survived the destruction of the only recorded utopian empire. Most modern cultures can derive their background from the empires of this age. It ended at the conclusion of a great war between the elven kingdom and the human kingdom that predated Golarion.

Age of Faith It ended 22 years ago and started 3648 years ago.
This indicated the beginning of what most consider the modern era, tolerance and peace is proposed more often then not and in the earliest days of the Age of Faith our great empire was born referred to as Golarion. Our empire also marks the beginning and expansion of the Church of the Lord a church that worships the High Divine over lesser deities chosen by his hand. Prophets where chosen of children with utter innocence and upon the ending of their innocence they named their replacement as divinely chosen and entered the priesthood as Scions.

It is felt by most that the Age of Faith came to a close some 20 years ago when the cycle of prophets was broken by an assassination of the last prophet, as a replacement the youngest Scion was chosen to sit in until a new prophet can be found. Unfortunately this has not happened yet and it was been a little over 20 years. Theories abound that something big is happening now.

Historical Events
The Primordial Age
The First
Dark Times
The Age of Paragons
Fate’s Weave
Age of Magic
Age of Faith

The Authors
The Authors are also included in the NPC’s section.

Ammon (the ancient) keeper of paths- Once a legendary hero and explorer, Ammon Journeyed through countless ruins, scryed many, and was instrumental in the development of mythal magic. His beginnings where as a pathfinder historian but chance caused him to battle his way out of a troglodyte clan. He was so thorough and skilled at uncovering hidden aspects of ancient society the for several years he served on the Pathfinder council. When Wren’s Father pass it was Ammon’s council and mentorship that encouraged him to challenge his cruel brother for reign. Upon ascension King Wren assigned Ammon to head historian, and the only open seat among the king’s personal advisors.

Miresta Bellenar- Through powerful magics Miresta has maintained and even restored much elven power. Once just the judge of an elven settlement her examination and judgments lead to a powerful artifact that caused a burst in magical potential in her and those nearby. Since she has been promoted to archjudge and while the elven prejudice runs high for her, but a chance to “set the record straight” could not be passed up. Though she only shows up for sessions she deems wrong or are directly about Elven Society. Rumor has it she’s close to her next big break through.

Azad Paragon- Matriarch of the dwarven paragon bloodline, her most holy, honored for chivalry 7 times, wisdom 6 times, and bravery. Her actions at the forsaken sanctum saved many lives and prevented untold destruction. It is our honor to have her here for this heroic undertaking.

Rimiki the Seeker- World renowned “monster” expert, world explorer, and honorary initiate of the veils. One of the leading field experts on monster sociology, ecology, and society. His advice has aided in numerous kingdom endeavours preventing conflict and aiding in diplomatic relations with our less human neighbors. For a time he adventured with a group of pathfinders who stopped an undead kobold, but due to accusations of being evil, despite his prolific use of glitter and rainbows, grinding upon his nerves it drove him to more solitary work.

Warder- The prophets personal historian. Memorized facts since boyhood and is now the churches public face and his holies personal historian.

Ekafeman- A disreputable halfling who agreed to reveal her knowledge of the criminal elements in return for commuting her sentence. Despite her dishonest nature and obviously fake name many of the things she has said seem to be true according to what we have been able to research. When asked personal questions her response was no comment.

Jenny of the people- We are the scribe, the drink fetcher, the manservants, we where never invited to this session but have added the little peoples words despite the mighty treading on us. We are no one, we are everyone, fear us.


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