Cheliaxian Colony's

The Cheliaxian Colonies are a set of colonies sent across the ocean some time ago. It was originally assumed that they had perished when communication had vanished for months. Eventually an emissary was sent back carrying the message that resistance had been met but forces where holding. Several years later it became apparent that the commander in charge had enslaved several local barbarian tribes to get the additional man power to claim part of the land. Tempers still run hot between the close neighbors, but the natives scorched earth tactics have made it virtually impossible to advance any further. That combined with the tribes becoming more independent and the betrayal of several commanders that have decided to make their own kingdoms.

Alignak Tribes
Bloody Peaks
Conorous Colony
Elsomare Colony
Great Stony Mountains
New Chelexian Colony
Salishan Tribes
Titowon Tribes
Valenhall Colony
Virago Exapnse
Walapai Confederacy
Wolonia Confederacy

Anchors End (Capital)
Canorus (Capital)
Elsomare (Capital)
Fort Abador
Fort Abrogail
Fort Aspex
Gaspodairs Folly
Kayaha Kekanata
Maza Ichu Ruins
New West Crown
Origen Mines
The Silent Pyramids
Valenhall (capital)
Wulihurth Mill

Akalapin Range
Big Sister
Caribou River
Elf Wood
The Fevered Wood
Forest of Draugur
Forest of Lights
The Great Central Prarie
Great Virago River
Gulf of Canorus
Heroes Bay
Impenatrable Rain Forest
Iron River
Kalissihani River States
Lake Albus
Little Brother
Marcellano River
Nyheim Inlet
Petronicus Sound
Randorc Mountains
River of Songs
Teroto Forest
Tsyu Kauno Forest

Cheliaxian Colony's

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