The Age of Myth

Grave Robbers

Monster Campaign

With the fireworks retrieved, chieftain Grubgut has another secret mission for you all. You don’t know what is going on yet but rumor is a filthy longshank followed by bad longshanks has been to speak to the chief. Some think this is bad luck others think that Chief was given longshank magics. Brood matron also wants to speak to you all, in private. Hopefully before you speak to chief Grubgut.

Additionally that night as you sleep, you all have dreams about someone speaking to you. It is unclear as to who they are, what they said, or even what they look like. What you do recall is 2 bright burning fires where their eyes where supposed to be. When you woke up you all felt stronger, more assured, and like you’re on top of the world. However try as you might the dream itself is gone only the eyes remain.


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