The Age of Myth

Burnt Offerings

Welcome to the start of the Heroic Campaign. Your adventurers have come from various areas of the world to a small coastal city called Sandpoint. This place is a relatively newly very close knit place that will be celebrating the commemoration and start of their newly rebuilt church that burnt down.

Everyone is welcome to read over the players guide to rise of the runelords and all of that information is generally available to the PC’s here is a link to the free PDF

I do ask that you don’t read the actual adventure path mostly because I don’t want you all to ruin the story for yourselves, however if you do read it I want you to know that
1.) Some modifications are being made so we can incorporate and see both sides of the story as we run the monster game simultaneously.
2.) I can and will poke you in the eyeball.
3.) Just please don’t I don’t want to poke anyones eyes.

One of the things I want to bring up is Experience Points. In the heroic game I’m starting you all at level 3 with 0 xp this isn’t because I don’t want you to not have nice things It’s because I hate how squishy everyone is at level 1 but I don’t want you to be to far ahead in the beginning, Also Xp will be distributed in the heroic game and some of you may advance faster then others because of backstory, good rp, etc. In the monster game you don’t really gain XP you just level up when it comes time.

Lastly I’d really like it if everyone at least read over the Players Guide, it gives you some background information. Any questions feel free to send them to me and I’ll help you out as best I can.

Grave Robbers
Monster Campaign

With the fireworks retrieved, chieftain Grubgut has another secret mission for you all. You don’t know what is going on yet but rumor is a filthy longshank followed by bad longshanks has been to speak to the chief. Some think this is bad luck others think that Chief was given longshank magics. Brood matron also wants to speak to you all, in private. Hopefully before you speak to chief Grubgut.

Additionally that night as you sleep, you all have dreams about someone speaking to you. It is unclear as to who they are, what they said, or even what they look like. What you do recall is 2 bright burning fires where their eyes where supposed to be. When you woke up you all felt stronger, more assured, and like you’re on top of the world. However try as you might the dream itself is gone only the eyes remain.

Monster Adventure

we Be Goblins, Adventure path started.

OOC: This is the start of the monster’s adventure and the beginning of the campaign.


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